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Some of the themes:


Take three fantastic voices, add the amazing songs of Il Divo, the swingin tunes of "The Rat Pack" and the rockin hits of "The Blues Brothers" and you are in for a killer night that will blow your audience away.

Top it off by adding one or even two "Divas" to the show and the night will just seem too good to be true.


For that "Blow them away, WOW! effect" Trio now also do a stunning one set show. Featuring a selected group of songs from each of their sets, including "The Fabulous Thunderbirds", have this amazing group as a one off high impact part of your evening. Subtle costume changes on stage to deliver each new style of songs, "Il Divo","The Rat Pack", music from The Baseballs and "The Blues Brothers, as a non stop 45 min set will leave your audience amazed and thrilled.

"Simply Sinatra"

Perfect for weddings and events where you want to add that subtle touch of class that can define an evening for you. "Craig sings these songs with such ease and cool charm it's just amazing". Songs from Sinatra to Buble as well as modern hits of today placed perfectly into the evening to set the mood for a stunning nights entertainment. (Either with backing tracks or live musicians)

Broadway or Bust

This is the night where the Phantom comes to life. Join in the magic that is theater. Featuring the hits from Phantom, Les Mis, J.C.Superstar, Grease and more, this is a night not to be missed. The sweepingly majestic songs of the stage come to life right in front of your eyes. Some of the most powerful and well known songs the world has ever known from the worlds most popular stage shows. 

Vegas Nights

Put some of the most famous songs sung by some of the most famous singers ever to grace the stages of Las Vegas together in one evening of entertainment, and the end result is a night of pure class, style, and sheer showstopping fun that your crowd just won't want to go home!

Shaken not Stirred

The hits of Bond... James Bond. Join us on a journey through the most memorable songs from The spy everyone loves to love. Complete with fight scene entrance with a nefarious super villian ,this is an extremely classy evening. Perfect for that Black tie event you are planning. And then to top it off, the creme de la creme, the most shagadelic spy of all.... Mr groovy himself, Austin Powers will party you on till the nights end. Yeahhhh Baby!!!!

The Honey Honeys

One of the most iconic pop groups the world has ever known, ABBA. Fantastic costumes stunning voices and the timeless hits of this amazing group will have you singing the songs and dancing from start to finish. Perfect as a center piece for an evenings entertainment or to lead in to the dance part of your night. "The girls look amazing and the crowd just thought it was brilliant"  

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