A company built with YOU in mind.

Craig Davson and his team at SHOWTIME have been stunning audiences all over Australasia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Fiji and from the bottom of the south island to the top of the north Island. From corporate events to private functions, weddings, outdoor concerts, intimate small group dining and any other type of get together that you can imagine. With a flare for the theatrical this talented group can put together stunning shows to cater for your theme,event and audience. The versatility of this talented group of performers is what sets them apart from other entertainment companies. From stunning "Arias" to some of the worlds most well known Broadway musicals. Vegas styled shows that treat their audiences to anything from Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble to Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion and even the king himself 'ELVIS"!  ABBA, "The Blues Brothers" and many more are just some of the artists you can be treated to in just one night of amazing entertainment, and all performed as professionally as the last. Then when the last set of the show is completed you can rock the rest of the night away with these awesome singers as they simply change the style of the music to all the best rocking tunes of the ages and party your crowd till midnight.

SHOWTIME pride themselves on being your complete entertainment package from the very start of the night to the very end. With hilarious "meet and greet" acts to get your audience in the mood to even doing the role/roles of M.C. Having an amazing rapport with the audience is something that this group understand, knowing this can take the evening from "Just a good night out" to "An amazing experience and the highlight of our event". And this happens time and again.

With acts like "TRIO" that take your audience on an amazing journey from the majestic songs of "Il Divo" to the swinging era of "The Rat Pack" to the rocking songs of "The Blues Brothers" all in one evening your guests will be completely blown away.

Broadway themed shows with stunning renditions of songs from 'Phantom of the Opera" "Les Miserables", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and many more. The characters moving their way through the audience leaves them absolutely spellbound.

Vegas themed evenings that will have you off your seats dancing and singing with "showgirls" and all things "SWING"!

James Bond complete with super villian and fight scene entrance to add that 'WOW"! effect to the beginning of your night, (with a little bit of Austin Powers to finish the night off,  YEAH BABY!) There are Pirate themed evenings and Rocky Horror shows... Mad Hatter tea parties for special small occasions. "Chicago" ganster nights and the list just goes on. All acted out and costumed and set to give your audience the best night they can possibly have. And they do! Night after night and show after show the accolades come in and the memories are created. 

"The Fabulous Thunderbirds" are one of the newest shows added to this amazing groups already huge repertoire. Modern day songs like 'Umbrella", 'the look", "lets get loud" and many more are given a cool new "Rockabilly" come Rock'n'Roll feel that will grab your audience and have them tapping their feet and wanting to party the night away. Based on the German group the Baseballs this show is already proving to be hugely popular.

Best of all is that these shows can be moved around and combined. Why not start your evening with the spell-binding "Phantom of the Opera" and then move into the Swingin songs of Sinatra and his friends for the next set and finish the evening off with The Blues Brothers.

Coming complete with full stage lighting,sound and techs these guys really are a one stop shop. Having worked in nearly every major venue throughout New Zealand they can also work with other AV and sound companies.

With budgets to suit your event and the ability to work with what you have to spend to give you the client as much "Bang for your buck" as possible makes this group a fantastic choice for your next function, wedding or private bash.

The concept of SHOWTIME was formed with the idea that the entertainment does not interfere with your evening or overwhelm it but to enhance it and add to it. From the very beginning of the evening to the very end working with you the client to ensure that you get the show that will work best for you and your audience. Creating either a show that grabs the audience from the moment they step out of their car or bus or enter the venue to the moment they leave, or subtly filling out the night with some of the most amazing renditions of world famous songs. We have worked hard to create experiences that stay in peoples minds long after your event has finished. Experiences they will remember and talk about for years to come and this is something we get told all the time. Professional and extremely easy to work with. Flexible down to the wire. We all know how timings and run-sheets can change as the evening goes on and this is just something we deal with. Adding in more to stretch things out a little... taking things out to make up for lost time, it all just comes down to making the night work the best it can.

Thanks for looking at us here and hopefully there will be something you like that will suit your next conference or upcoming event and if not.... we'll make something for you ;-).