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The Thunderbirds

SHOWTIME is constantly coming up with ideas for shows and new themes to add to our collection. One of the most recent is our new act "The Thunderbirds". Singing the songs remixed and switched around by "The Baseballs" these guys have taken modern day songs and given them a fifties style and some awesome new orchestrations to songs like "Umbrella","The Look", "Lets get loud", "Hot n Cold" and "Poker Face" just to name a few, this is a fantastic night of fun and sounds that will definitely be a hit with the crowds.

Take a look at the productions page to see just a few of the options we have available for your event.



"When coming up with concepts for new shows we always take into consideration what will work for our clients."

"Leaving our audiences with memories that last a life time is what we strive to do every event."

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